For our users

The EMBL Genomics Core Facility is primarily serving the EMBL research community, consisting of the EMBL researchers, alumni, participants of EMBL programs, like the Young Investigator Program (YIP) as well as collaborators and collaborating instititions of EMBL.

You have to register the first time you like to use GeneCore services. There are two types of registrations. One for the group and for a particaullar user.

  1. Group Registration
    Please select group registration in the field registration type. The group leader (budget holder) has to fill once the form to provide us with the necessary information, that invoicing can be handeld automatically, and that the budget holder is informed that a group member registered and will palce orders under the respective group id. At this time the group leader is also registered as a user.
  2. User Registration
    Please select user registration in the field registration type. Each person who likes to place an order has to register as a user. Pleas ask your group leader in advance for a valid budget, as you will be assigned to a group by that number.
  3. External groups / external users
    Please contact GeneCore in advance before registering as a group.

After the registrations have taken place the event is confirmed by email. Service requests can be immediately placed afterwards.

List of Instruments
Here you will find a downloadable list of currently available instruments and their usage at GeneCore.

All services, placing orders, machine resvervations, result download and software downloads require a login.

Pricing & Invoicing
Prices are calculated for covering consumables costs. Invoices to the respective EMBL group budgets are genearted on a monthly basis.

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have further questions.