Types of Service:

  • Providing backbone infrastructure for Genomics Core Facility
  • Automation of protocols which are compatible with the devices available
  • Process development
  • Consulting


  • 2x Beckman Biomek FXp [96 & 8 channel head, on deck pcr, orbital shaker, static peltier, shaking peltier, high density deck, gripper]
  • 1x Hamilton Star with static peltier
  • 1x Hamilton Starlet with static peltier
  • 1x Chemagen Prepito (S2 lab)
  • 1x PE EMBL Platetrack [96 channel HTS robot] combined with 1x PE MPII-EX-Gripper [4 channel Liquid Handling Robot with arm]
  • 1x Plateloc
  • 1x Hettich Rotanta R
  • 1x barcode system
  • LIMS networking all devices [under development]



  • Disposables
  • For project service inquire

Services are available at special request only, as the systems are mainly used for the NGS services and projects.